Matthew Leavitt (1947-2019)

“Not all those who wander are lost.” J.R.R. Tolkien

Photography, physics, politics and political science, computers, exotic automobiles, history, yoga, traveling, kite flying, music and more music, walking, science fiction, conservation and ecology, basketball, birds and insects.

 I was born in Manhattan and grew up in the city and the suburbs. I went to college at the right time (’65-’70) and in the right place (Boston) to experience many of the great societal revolutions of our time at their beginning. I then meandered to Los Angeles, back to NYC, to San Francisco, back to NYC, to rural Maine,  back to NY and now (of all places) North Carolina and Fearrington Village.

I’ve been an ardent photographer since the 60s – my degree in Journalism has a footnote in Photojournalism. The advent of digital photography revitalized my passion and I have been wandering with camera ever since. My favorite subjects include birds (especially herons, ospreys and eagles), bees, dragonflies and butterflies. I try to capture what I see, with as little Photoshop intervention as possible.

Recently I've become a documentarian of local demonstrations, rallies and marches with a named archive in the North Carolina Archive at the University of North Carolina. My greatest challenge is to become a better and more confident street (or candid) photographer (people make such incredible subjects) and this work has helped.

Member Chatham Artists Guild

Carrboro Art Center Saving the Pollinators exhibit - featured artist

UNC North Carolina photography archive - named archive

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences - special exhibition - summer 2018

Out of Context: without the surrounding words or circumstances and so not fully understandable

All of my photographs are available for purchase. Please call 610.585.8935  for details and price. 

Some images are archived on Facebook  -

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